Judgment Day

December 12, 2008
By Kayla Anderson, Edina, MN

You take thy food,
You take thy privacy,
You take thy life,
What is it that you haven't taken?
Defile the Earth with your sinly ways.
It's too late for forgiveness, you've dug yourself into a pitless black hole.
"A way out?" It asks "All i see is smoke."
And then, with a raise of his mighty hand, you are slain.
What to become of you?
Defiling the Earth until its but a mere shell.
He is sobbing in silence.
What to become of you?
Not I to decide.

The author's comments:
I suppose this piece could be taken differently according to the beliefs and views of the reader.
I was inspired to write this in a moment emotionally accompanied by isolation and the feeling of being controlled. I know this will hold signifigance to some people, and to others it will be meaningless, nothing but words on a page. That's totally OK with me. Take this piece the way you feel its meant to be taken. Not according to me, the writer, but to you, The reader. :D

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