Tell me

December 12, 2008
By Aminata Dansoko, New York, NY

Tell me why
Every time I talk to you

You say be right back
When you talk to me

You say the same thing.
Am I that bad?
I'm trying so hard to make you like me
And I'm getting an understanding,
that you don't care.

Be honest with me.
How do you really feel about me?

Tell me
For me trying so hard,
is it pushing you away?
I can't help

But show how I really feel
You like a magnet that like
to attract metals to you.
It's not my fault who i loved and who I don't
It's never under anyone’s control not even you.
Hoe Should I understand you, by you ignoring me?

I want you to tell me
Let's really talk it out
Tell me how you feel around me
And I will do the same
Everything you say
I will take it with granted
Don't worry about the affect.

Just tell me.

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