December 12, 2008
By Kyle Jacobson, Herndon, VA

sweet is the sound of your voice
a light spring shower that brings warmth to my soul
you warm me when I am so cold
in your arms I lie with no thought or care
making u happy is my only wish
you do not realize how important your love is to me
how just being around you and seeing your smile
is enough for me to know that without you
the world seems so bitter, so cold, so dark
you are my light in the dark
to cherish, always, always and forever
smiling with you is easy, effortless
being next to you means the world, to hold your hand
you are my gift from the stars
knowing you are happy makes me happy
your laugh brings mine, your smile calls to mine
it would be impossible to hate you
never easier then now to love you
you keep me warm, you are my light, my star in the sky
to always hold close to my heart

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