Ode to My Blanket

December 12, 2008
By Natalie Moursalian, New City, NY

When I was born,
I was given this blanket.
It used to be my sister’s,
But I was destined to have this blanket.
Bright pink and white
The colors and movie characters
Jump off the cloth and greet me every night..
Warmth and comfort wrap themselves around me
Every time I put it on.

Yes, it is childish,
But it does not matter.
I will never let it go.
The tear in the corner,
Only shows how old and unique it is.

My only fear is
One day I will come home
And it will be gone.
It is too old.
My mom continually says
She is going to throw it out one day.
All my memories I’ve shared with that blanket
Flying away with the garbage truck.
My superhero cape,
My ball gown,
My hobo cloak,
My blanket.

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