Where I'm From

December 12, 2008
By [tor] BRONZE, Jefferson, Louisiana
[tor] BRONZE, Jefferson, Louisiana
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Where I’m From
I’m from Daquana and Luquet.
I’m from Lake Catherine and Bayou Savage.
I’m from crawfish boil block parties and Santa boat parades.
I’m from New Olrean accents and southern drawls.

I’m from artichokes at Christmas.
I’m from gumbo at Thanksgiving.
I’m from repetitively told famil stories and corny jokes from Paw-Paw.

I’m from twelve sets of matching winter clothes, taking pictures of grandkids, someone always blinking.
I’m from water gun fights on Easter and boat rides on Labor Day.
I’m from family bonding in the lounge, spinning on stools, singing kareoke.

I’m from, “Wear your life vest or a gator will catch you.”
I’m from, “Perk up or go home.”
I’m from, “Eat up or get out.”
I’m from, “Touch my food and I’ll break your hands.”

I’m from a beautiful past.
I’m from woderful memories.
I’m from a marvelous family that I would never change.
A family I’ll never forget.

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