Whoo! It Christmas Time!

December 12, 2008
Whoo! Its Christmas!

Hey, cheer up everyone its Christmas time!
Buy presents for everyone, spend every last dime!

Yes it’s a time for giving, a time for cheer.
It’s a time to thank Santa, and his many reindeer.

All the eggnog, the mistletoe, the sweaters and such.
I’m telling you now, it’s never too much!

Drink eggnog for breakfast, tape mistletoe to your hat.
You’ll get a lot of smooches; you can trust me on that.

Be nice to everyone, your friend or foe.
So you heard Santa isn’t real? That’s a rumor you know!

He’s at the North Pole right now, preparing the way.
For that wonderful time on Christmas Day.

His tiny little elves are making dolls with cute lace.
Don’t tell me they’re not real! Or I’ll throw nutmeg in your face!

But hey, what am I doing? There’s no need to get mad.
It’s Christmas time! Cheer up little lad!

Santa will come, please do not fret
He’s done this for years! Without breaking a sweat.

So as you can see, Christmas is great
Only a few days left! I hardly can wait!

It truly is one of the best times ever.
Please keep the Christmas Spirit, in your heart forever.

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