December 12, 2008
By Steven Cooke, Fortune Harbour, ZZ

And here I am in these trenches
keeping you in mind
But as time goes by
I find it harder
To keep you by my side

And I fight for our love
Just as I fight for them
And I will fight
For all of time
Just to be your friend

When Im here
And war begins
I shall think of you
And that thought
Of your beauty
Is what shall get me through

For In my heart
You are here
Standing by my side
And When I look across from me
I look into your eyes

So stay with me
And help me fight
To pull through this deadly war
And in the morning
I shall lay next to you
And not have to fight anymore

The author's comments:
I wrote this peice Because I myself have wanted to join the military since I was a little child, but I could not because I was born with diabetes and it is considered a disqualifying disease. And hearing that made Me feel sad, so i decided to write this. I would like to salute all the soldiers out there, Fighting to protect my family and friends and all other people in the world.

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