Remember the Butterflies

December 12, 2008
By Rachel Van Buren, American Fork, UT

Remember when we fell in love, and knew our happy ending.
Remember when our lips first touched, way back in the beginning.

Remember when I called whenever there was something wrong.
Remember when you danced with me, to our favorite song.

Remember when I called your phone, just to hear your voice.
Remember how you always helped me make the right choice.

Remember when we walked together, always hand in hand.
Remember when you picked me up, when I just couldn’t stand.

Remember when we talked all night, with no reason to fear.
Remember when you brushed my cheek, and wiped away my tear.

Remembering you is hard for me, because I miss you so.
But something even harder, is to sit and watch you go.

I miss you when I see the moon, and remember our last date.
The night we sat and watched the lights, and let the world just wait.

Remember when I saw you, all my problems went away.
Remember when all I wanted was for you to stay.

Remember all the butterflies, whenever you were near.
Remember when you whispered, so that only I could hear.

Remember how I can’t be me, unless I am with you.
Remember when you were the one, I told my secrets to.

Remember how we hated, when we had to say goodbye.
And if I say I want to, know that it will be a lie.

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