Party Time

December 12, 2008
By Michael Wilson, Alpine, UT

Party Time

Techno, the future is now
Feast upon the greatness of the crazy beats
With awesome sounds like “Boom” and “Kapow”
Electronic Dance Music is really great
I can’t help but to move my feet
With the top bands leading the way
Makes me think if music has found its new path
People dancing so hard they will need a bath
I dance my way through the crowd
See a friend dancing that made me proud
Keep dancing, I just can’t stop
I think I may dance till I drop
The song goes on repeating the same sounds
After tonight, I probably will have lost some pounds
See another friend trying to dance
Notice he was in some kind of trance
Just dance on by, skipping side to side
Witness someone sneaking in only to get denied
Song seems to be slowing down
Start thinking, “What would I do without this in town?”
A whole new sound comes from the speakers
Thank goodness for these brand new sneakers
Glance at the clock to see how much time is left
The motion of your dancing is quite deft
By the end of it all you wish it never ended
You speak with the Dee Jays asking when it will happen again
“Next week”, they reply

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