The Truth

December 12, 2008
By Kenneth-H SILVER, Red Rock, Texas
Kenneth-H SILVER, Red Rock, Texas
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"Ichigo, what's the difference between a King and his horse? I don't mean kiddy s*** like 'One's a person and one's an animal' or 'One has two legs and one has four'. If their form, ability, and power were exactly the same, why is it that one becomes the King and controls the battle, while the other becomes the horse and carries the King?! There's only one answer; INSTINCT!" ~ Ichigo's Inner Hollow from the anime/manga 'Bleach' by Tite Kubo

Every second of every minute
Every minute of every hour
Every hour of every day
Every day of every week
Every week of every month
Every month of every year
We are in search for the truth
The truth about ourselves
The truth about each other
The truth about space
The truth about the Earth
The truth about life
The truth about death
The truth about the waters
The truth about the lands
The truth about joy
The truth about sorrow
The truth about light
The truth about dark
The truth about everything around us
However, the more we look for the truth…
…the more lies we find within it.

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