December 12, 2008
One of the biggest mistakes I've ever made,
Was the mistake I made when I hurt you.
You always helped me with whatever I needed,
You were always there when I needed a friend.
You never disappointed me or made me cry,
You took care of me, always making my problems right.
In spite of this, I still pushed you away,
I hurt you when all you ever did was help me.
I will never understand why I did what I did,
And i pray that you'll forgive me and give me one more chance,
To show that this time I will trust you and I will not let you down.
But I know in my heart that I've hurt you too much,
I know deep inside that you will never forgive me,
because I cannot even forgive myself and I will always regret this mistake I've made.
But i want to say thank you for all you've done,
I'll never forget you, or the things you have done for me.
And if your eyes ever come across this poem,
I hope you know that I'm sorry, and that I truly cared

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