Always With You

December 12, 2008
I have always been told,
That in our lives, people come and go,
And at any moment some can choose to leave.
But only the ones who are truly special
Leave an imprint on our hearts and souls.
And of the many people who have walked in and out,
You are the one who’s left the biggest mark.
You made my day wonderful just by saying hello,
You always knew how to make me laugh,
You kept me smiling when all was going wrong
Each time I wanted to give up, you made me fight and stand up tall.
Whenever I got tired of fighting,
You held me up, not once did you let me fall.
And even though you are not with me now,
I know wherever you are right now, you’re still watching me everyday.
I hope that I have made you proud, because I am proud to have known you.
You’ve taken a piece of me that I will never get back
No matter what happens, wherever life takes me, that piece of me will always be with you.

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