No Where to Turn

December 11, 2008
Another season, more storms
Ten this year; those are to swarm

The news is given to everyone here
That they must leave and go no where near

Do you know what it feels?
To have your life packed away
You start coming apart at the seams
As you look back to your house

You start to watch the clock
The minutes turn to hours
Patience into impatience
The calm demur slowly turns into the frustration hiding inside

You feel it building and building
Yet, it has no where to go

You want to scream
But cant, not now

You want to run away
But no, not now

So put you on your mask for all to see
Yet, hide the pain that burns from within

You’re dying on the inside
But Normal on the outside

You want to scream out
But no noise comes out

Running away from your worst fears
But everyone else here has the same fear

Frustrated and want to scream
But no noise comes out

You want to cry out
Yet feel no emotion

You want to run
But yet have no where to go

You turn and look
But have no clue where you are

You just want to fall away
You just want to wake up when it’s all done

The waves are crashing
While hearts are pounding
No words are spoken
Everyone seems on edge

Then it is over
The storm has passed
The days of worrying resulted to nothing

A new day begins
When the storm ends

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