For Her

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

There was a girl
for whom I cared
who never figured out
how much I did desire her;
her, I could not live without

Playful tease, unwittingly
flirtatious at the least
her soft touch, a coy smile,
I'm lost within this dream.
but O! how I wish it true
this victory, bittersweet.

This torture; I'm in agony!
To tell her or to stay,
forever trapped! This damned cage
whence my heart remains ablaze
with untold words and eager passion
for her, I'd only say
'here, my heart
though not worth much
can promise with more fervor
that no one else adores you so..."
But still, I cannot utter
those three words,
that to her mean so little

and t'night I'll sleep,
alone, alone,
forever I'm alone.

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