Raindrops and Tears

December 11, 2008
By Lauren Kosydar, Eagle, ID

I look to the ocean thinking of only but despair notions,
Sadness overcomes me as I stare out over the sea.
Just thinking of my life, where I went wrong,
How this happened, and why things aren’t where they belong.
The raindrops fall on my head slipping down over and spreads,
Across my hair and over my face, leaving everything wet in its trace.
Upon the raindrops that make me so wet,
Comes not a raindrop but a tear that is shed.
It trickles down my cheek and falls onto my shirt,
As I stare out to sea feeling oh so hurt.
My life had no meaning I was all alone in my dismay,
Just hoping, hoping for a memory of a day.
Feeling the moist wind blow through my hair,
I can only but think about an unanswered prayer,
And how this prayer was just another fight.
A fight with myself, a fight to the end, to show how I live and to be my only friend.
Now endless tears stream down my face, making it hard to breathe with grace,
Huffing and puffing the air in and out, not realizing the wet raindrops falling throughout.
Falling so hard, Falling so quickly,
It brings me to the ground and soaks me thickly.
I know now what I didn’t know then, that raindrops and tears have always been friends.

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