Me and My Love

December 11, 2008
How many?
Who knows?
Dependence? Love? Hate?
What keeps us together?
The shiny, silver coating?
The value?
Never! That doesn’t matter!
Does it?
My love of the fast moving fingers?
My love of the sound?
Oh yeah!
What keeps us together?
What keeps us apart?
No, no, no…
What can keep us apart?
Me and my love
My love and me

We play, play, play
‘Till the night gets old
I listen to it
It listens to me
It makes me feel good
In growth of sound
Making sure my dog
Doesn’t want to yell!
Me and my love
My love and me

Like all great loves
We get into fights
Sometimes it won’t work with me
Sometimes I won’t work with it
Keep trying to mend old wounds
And get on with playing
That beautiful tune
Me and my trumpet
My trumpet and me
Forever and ever

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