The Illusion of Writing

December 12, 2008
By Melissa Dang, Allen, TX

Here's a secret, I dare you tell
The truth a about us writers
Is something wicked enough to dispel
We're just the world's best liars.

We can create a world so eloquent
Buy time you we don't really have
Break hearts with ink so elegant
You'll wonder what truth you ever had.

We can give birth to guilt
And desecrate a world with just ink
The sanctity with which you built
I could tear it down and watch it sink

We can be so emotionally driven
That you feel it in your essence
The gift of beauty given
But we're liars so what's the sense?

Those tears you cry could be useless
But we'll make them fall anyhow
I could calm the tensing stress
Or remind you of what are you now

I could make inspire with a lie
Isn't that just ironic?
A world of honesty no one buys
So I'll take you far from realistic

I'll give your dreams of hope
Watch them burn with nightmares
I'll leave with no way to cope
Because I don't know or care

So here's a secret I just had to tell
You see here is the reality of writers
That I find intoxicating to dispel
We're just the world's best liars.

The author's comments:
Figure it out. =D

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