December 12, 2008
a young bird knows not his purpose in life,
he knows not why he takes off from the ground, nor why he is able.
all that fills him is the power of freedom, the power to soar,
the power I wish to know.

with effortless flexibility,
he stretches his wings over the passing world.
with a mere launch, he’s able to detach
from the hardships and disaster that capture a soul.

able to glide over the stench of crowded streets, or the beauty of a mountaintop,
endless possibilities, no limits.
dipping his wing into the pure meaning of the word ‘free’
nothing to touch but the cool, damp clouds.

to taste the purity of flight,
the security of being untouchable,
is much more than a bare desire,
but an aspiration in itself.

how I long for that bird’s ability,
to break away from time,
to dance with the wind and weave between the rays of the sun,
radiant, powerful, glorious, free.

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