Towards the Sun

December 12, 2008
By Emily Kvale, Selkirk, NY

I search forevermore.
In search of happiness,
in search of time.

Things are moving by, slowly,
yet quickly; time always did
trick me so easily.

I’ve searched lifetimes
over the mountains,
on the road to sunset…
And it was there that I
looked towards the sun.

Inspired by beauty,
I looked towards the sun.
How it shines once rising up and
how it leaves its mark shinning down
upon us.

I swear it’s smiling;
the pain disappears…
It always did show a sense of hope
to me.
Maybe I was just never aware of how beautiful
the sun
could be.

no matter how tragedy takes it’s toll on us,
no matter what threat has occurred
in this world,
the sun always rises every day.
The sun always shines, every day.

I’ve been searching lifetimes,
over the shadows of gray…
In search of something so very far away…
I am beneath this magic,
this sparkle,
gleaming in my eyes.

I am beneath this form of wonder,
that always seems to rise.
That is always at the right place and at
the right time.

The sun has always been there,
each day, each new day.
It brings equality and hope,
the light shinning is a sign of hope;
beyond the war-polished air.
Beyond the blood-thirsty air…

It is possible to find happiness, for I know
it does exist…
I’m working very hard to ensure,
that happiness can be found.
I am homeward bound;
looking towards the sun,
I’ve been searching for lifetimes,
and now I believe I’ve come so close
to what I was searching for.

The sun makes me cry,
makes me happy,
shoots for the best inside of me.

And yet it does nothing…
It rises and it sets,
moving forward; no regrets,
just the changing of the seasons…
The changing of the sun.

But it always makes me wonder how you
still remain the same.
How you still glow and sparkle,
even with the dawning age.

I’ve been searching for forever,
but how long could that be?
I’m searching for happiness…
I’m searching for time.
But when I look towards the sun,
I find that it could be that I
have finally won,
because I found the sun…

I’ve been searching for forever,
but all I had to do was look
towards the sun…

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