self motivation

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

I believe in self motivation. You can only make your self to do anything. People might try to motivate you but it is your self that is pushing you to do it. You can think that you are having a bad day but you are forcing your self to remember all the bad things that happen that day. Only you can push yourself into belieiving in your self.

I have asthma ever since the second grade. I was not motivated to do anything active and my asthma got worst and worst. Then in the third grade my parents forced me to take swimming lessons because I leave by a big river. That at least three kids have died in it ever since we moved there. I thought I could just fake an asthma attack to get out of the swimming lessons, but when I toke my first lesson I liked it a lot. I would swim as fast as I can so I can fell the rushing water flow by me. I forced my self with my asthma. I could barely get out of the pool since I would not use my inhaler because I was having too much fun.

As the months pasted my asthma bothered me less and less. I loved jumping into the water and swimming. I got on to the YMCA swim team. Before any completions happened my parents forced me to stop. The pool was an hour drive away and the member ship was expensive. I realized that more active I was the less active my asthma was. So I played football in middle school and the first year I played I got on the varsity as a line backer.

I have learned that people might motivate you to do something but it is you that make yourself do it and to continually to do it. Something that helps you should motivate you more to do it. Having something that can hold you back can help you to move forward. Self motivation is your well to do something. Once in awhile a toad must eat, but one would believe that they can motivate themselves into not believing they have stomachs and must regurgitate what must happen.

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This article is AMAZING!!  

I love how you always have a positive attitude and you know that having asthma is bad but you make it seem like its nothing because you never give up. 

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