The Lost Days and Nights

October 26, 2008
By vincent bryan, Tobyhanna, PA

lost Night

lost days and night the freight of closing ur

eyes and see the burning of the twin tower

burninig in your eyes

You see the passion of the one u are losing flash

before your eyes

now imagine that from kids eyes

knowing that it would break them in side

to see that there father or mother

wont be coming through that door tonite........

I think at night they wished they had a bad dream

so they could wake up in fright it's a

dreadful sight and despite that it will

never happen cause there nightmares have

became there reality.......Not just for

them but for ever on else...........

This poem is so hard to write cause I want

it to have more feeling and I want it to

be heart felt......but there only pain felt

The chains of life has been dealt but i seems as of those

chains was not suppose to be linked not even close to being


The life of other is hard to be taken it's forsaken it not

granted it can be taken and shaken

there no vengence

Theres no coming bac

There nothing else

Nothing that can be felt

ANd i gueess wen ur gone u will never kno how it felt

but let the love be felt for those that we lost that day

and every day and all ways

The author's comments:
I think this just came to me cause i felt like many people need to hear it to show them that they are not alone i hoped you liked it

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