October 26, 2008
By Ciera Rose Carter, La Quinta, CA

So many questions, So many answers.
Too many decisions to make, to many answers to apply to your life.
Too many things to ponder around thinking if it good or bad.
It’s all just a big question stated in every ones life way more than once.
It’s like moving in the dark reaching for hands to find our ways,
But so speechless and lost you lose your count on hands and all of a sudden they were vanished in a blink of your pure eyes.
But your lies seeped through your mouth, first twisting through your tongue,
Discovering their ways through the cracks of your teeth,
Then posted and sealed into another’s ears,
Running through their blood to reach their heart to crack more of what you just fixed.

Rewind, fast forward, pause, and stop.
All of these words mean so much, just if you could use them when needed,
But they’re never in your reach when you need them.
No matter how hard you try the truth never seems to stay in the grasp of your hand,
But just like the grains of sand slipping trough the crevices between your fingers,
They creep and fall and all you can do is watch.
They crumble like your brain inside,
You might as well be dead,
You’re lifeless, used and hurt and all you do is sit there and watch them harm you.
Until you had the guts to leave,
You wanted so bad to know the truth and to assist in your own life.
It’s clear the answers are wondering and floating around your head trying so hard to come in,
But you wanting to know those words and these responses,
You didn’t realize that those words were the ones you were searching for.
Until now they are lost beneath the piles of hate, anger, abuse, and somehow love.
How these layers got there is just another question going through your head,
Stated there’s so many different quest ions few that actually have answers that make sense,
Others are most of the time twisted and mangled to make them sound how you would like them to sound.
But when you do this you lye deeper and deeper in the sunflowers,
In this windy field.
So deep that the beauty of the sunflower is suddenly lost
Because you can no longer see them.
You’re stuck and trapped and the only color you can see is the color that scares you the most,
The darkest, most “un-like you” color.
But then you gave it a try, you ran away and suddenly you were lifted back into the sight of the sunflowers,
Then you noticed that you have entered a new and improved level of beauty, something that was only discovered by your own eyes.

Then the fury came back, you hated those that changed you,
You hated that they wanted to change you.
It took so much effort and time to even clutch what you used to have.
They ruined you once, but never again would that happen.
Your finally free, you have yourself back.
Save and protect yourself always, no more tricks or schemes.
Confusion no longer exists, love does.

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