Where I'm From

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

I am from waking up at 6 am to milk,
from hanging out with friends and a football fanatic boyfriend.
I am from the dairy farm on the 29th line.
I am from the corn stalk that grows with me and the dandilions too.
I am from a dutch background and an Oma with Alzheimers, from great parents Gerry and Debbie and sister Nicole , Racheal and Stephanie.
I am from the big get-togethers at holidays and stuffing our faces.
From Cinderella and Snow White.
I am from a Catholic Church on Sundays.
I'm from the year 1991 on December 28th.
I'm from corn cobs and drinking milk.
I'm from the time i was forgotten at Story Book Gardens and shy the first day of pre-school.
I'm from how much I have grown and will continue on till the corn grows no longer.
That's where I'm from.

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