I Just Dont Get It

December 9, 2008
By Brennan Williams, Pelahatchie, MS

I just dont get it
What has she done?
The life she's living
That she says is so fun

She like to part hard
Live on Rock and Roll
But she has taken to a life
That's beyond her control

If she could only realize
What she has left behing
She would open her eyes
And then become blind

A promise yet broken
That you would be there for me
But I've learned to forget it
Because it's you that will see

I just don't get it
You say its your life, but its run by others
How can you live like that?
Isn't it just a cluster

You say their your friends
But they leave you alone
What about the one
That you use to take home?

Think of the people
That love you so much
What have you done?
Leave them in the dust

That's what i dont get
Is how you're still making it
Come back to reality
We see that your faking it

The people that love you
Are right here waiting
Don't push andy longer
For we are slowly breaking

To pursue a lifetime,
Just come back to YOU
For its their as an option
You know you want it, true?

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece on account of a close friend who has ran off to college and lost control of her life.

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