fearful eyes

December 9, 2008
I remember staring into his bright blue eyes1

and he in turn staring into mine.2

I wanted to lower my gaze3

to look away,4

but I forced my-self to meet his gaze.5

I'm scared he'll find something out6

by looking into my eyes,7

but still I force my-self to meet his gaze.8

what he's saying scares me.9

I wonder if he can see it in my eyes.10

I try to wipe all fear from my face11

and to understand him more12

by looking back into his eyes.13

finally he drops his gaze14

to his notes below.15

I too drop mine, wondering how much he knows.16

I look back up onto his eyes17

only to find, him staring back into mine.

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Liz said...
Dec. 18, 2008 at 6:42 pm
oops at 12 I missed putting a try before the and
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