December 9, 2008
By noa randall, Cambridge, MA

I used to be scared of scrapes, crying over the littlest ones
But now I am brae as a lion, keeping my pain to myself
I used to be a clumsy player, never wanting the puck
But now I am a hungry, stable hippo, not falling much

I used to talk to Elly, my elephant, to find out how I could feel better after I got sad
But now I can deal with my sadness myself
I used to be sad when my mom went out; watching out the window until I saw her return
But now I don’t depend as much on her, and sometimes I don’t even notice she’s gone

I used to want to sleep with the door open able to hear the voice of my mom mixed in with the sounds of the kitchen
But now I prefer to sleep in a dark room with a close door
I used to want to be someone who I wasn’t
But now I try ever more so to be myself

I used to hang on to my bed when my mom came to wake me up
And now I still do

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