The Endless Storm

December 9, 2008
By Melisa Camacho, Tamarac, FL

I wake up,
to just another rainy day,
In this cloud of despair,
I will forever stay.
I don’t know what I did,
to ever deserve this.
I look back at my past
and simply reminisce.
I’ve committed many sins
and broken a lot of rules,
but I have a heart of gold,
filled with the best of jewels.
I am not the brightest kid,
but I am very considerate.
And I have the mind to match it,
cause I am far from illiterate.
I glanced outside to witness,
all the falling drops,
in hope that just maybe,
the storm will soon stop.
But then I realized,
there was no storm in sight.
My eyes had to be deceiving me,
cause this surely was not right.
But then I searched and searched,
at who I came to be,
and slowly, but surely I realized…
that the storm was within me.

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