Lunch Time!

December 9, 2008
I love lunch,
It’s the best time of the day.
I have a lot to choose from
And I have a lot to say.
We have big circle tables, they are great
But they are really dirty,
And that is what I hate.
In elementary they didn’t have vending machines,
Icees, funnel cakes, or ice-cream.
When we are in the cafeteria,
I go through the snack line
There are a lot of people in it
And some are friends of mine.
I get a lot of food, you will see
I also get drinks like blue icees.
I can’t get a lot,
I only have 20 dollars on my account.
I need it for a week or two
So I won’t run out.

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AuntieG said...
Dec. 21, 2008 at 12:05 am
I really enjoyed reading this simple, but true poem. My neice is so talented. I'm so proud of her.
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