December 9, 2008
By Dominique Pen, Cleveland, OH

You say that I’m mocking God
And maybe you’re right
Maybe I’m so bitter
I’m just looking for a fight
Because He made me different
and I didn’t want to be.
How can I believe in a God,
that wouldn’t accept me?
Why make me so confused
About what’s right and wrong?
Why did God make me feel
like I don’t belong?
I didn’t want this
Of that I’m sure
I just want things to go back
Back to how they were
But you can’t forget doubt
It’s never the same
Now it’s not faith
But like some game
Where I’m trying to love Him
Trying to care
Struggling to forget all the pain that’s there
Because of the fear
That I’ve let Him down
Like I’ve lost
What ever love I had found
In the sound of His words
And in his eyes
Now it’s all twisted
And it sounds like lies
All that bullsh**
About love and peace
When all that they’ve done
Is destroy the belief
In everything that matters to me
They push and they push
Until I can’t see
Why I followed so blindly
Why He was so great
They just pushed me and pushed me
Until it was too late
To love Him with all of my heart again
To love Him without having to pretend
If you say that I’m mocking God
I’ll admit you’re probably right
But it’s so much harder to forgive
than it is to fight.

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