Inspiration's Sound

December 9, 2008
By Jon Daoud, Arlington Heights, IL

On his lap sits an acoustic guitar.
As he listens to a CD for inspiration,
he searches for a soothing sound.
The melody rings in his ears
while he listens to the song’s verses.
Finally it becomes clear.

He sings with the music loud and clear
as he strums his guitar.
He changes the words to create his own verses.
This song is his inspiration.
He removes the headphones from his ears
and listens to his newly inspired sound.

He changes some notes to perfect this sound.
As he listens to the playback, it’s clear;
his music is heaven ringing in his ears.
He has crafted a new story with his guitar
and hopes, for others, it will be an inspiration.
For the words he has written have created powerful verses.

It’s in these verses
where everyone will hear his voice through this sound,
and everyone will feel what he felt, his inspiration.
After receiving a record deal, it’s clear
that he can follow his dream, to play guitar,
sing his songs for everyone’s ears.

All the people whose ears
hear these words making up his powerful verses
will pick up their own guitars
and create their own original sound.
He will play his music loud and clear,
so he can be someone else’s inspiration.

Then they too will be an inspiration
for others, just as long as their heart and ears
are open to the world. They will see a new, clear
picture of the world because they heard these verses.
They will speak to the world in their own sound.
They will understand his music beyond the guitar.

His guitar will be heard by the world’s ears
and inspiration will blossom from every verse.
The sound is perfect, not marred by greed; instead, it’s crystal clear.

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