December 9, 2008
By Brinson Jones, Cary, NC

The Statement sticks and stones
Isn’t always true
Words, can be a sin that flows out of your mouth
Possessing others to use them like dark creatures in the night
Like ghost giving everyone a terrible fright
As those words shot out at you like a lethally shot from a gun
You feel a pain of sorrow and an emotion of aggression
As you lift your hand off the wound
You see a stream of blood running down your side
You feel that you’re nothing more than a human punching bag
For those with hateful hearts to attack
With no hope of changing this words
You join them in their quest to destroy
To destroy all those who aren’t like you
Like the dark side of the forces
This path is easy to get on and will only lead to more suffering
Like a disease, it spreads as quickly as lighting strikes
As it poisons our youth and destroys our homes
It leaks out into society and poisons powerful leaders of nation
Breaking ties of peace and resulting into foolish war
As we sit back and watch ourselves kill one another like animals
We show that the world’s fate can also become our fate as well
From Darkness to Darkness,
To ashes to ashes
And from Mouth to Mouth
One act of aggression toward another
Can change the fate of the world
And ultimately chose life or death

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