The Mob

December 9, 2008
By Christy Cee GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
Christy Cee GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Pushing and shoving,
I have no where to go.
I sort of feel like
A plow in the snow.

I move this way and that.
"Don't let go of my arm!
I'll do my very best
To keep you out of harm."

We move through the crowd
Slowly moving.
If you push and shove,
There's no winning, only losing.

We head toward the train
Tears prick my eyes
Its so scary to think about...
I look to the sky

"Jesus please help us
Make it through the throng
Without bumps or bruises,
Without taking too long!"

He saved us that night
From getting trampled or lost
Jesus was with us
With no extra cost.

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