Thump. Thump.

December 9, 2008
By Libby Leonard, Layton, UT

Thump. Thump.
The blood pulses in my veins,
My thoughts go reeling in my brain.
Brush past.
My heart beats fast.
I can feel him everywhere I go,
My emotions fly opposite and my blood moves slow.
Pretty despair lightens my soul,
Can I hold back? Will I lose control?
Reds and oranges and blues, pastel my sky,
Every time I look at her I wonder why.
Why can’t he like me?
I’m just under the sea.
It’s cold and dark,
His smile is just like a spark.
Thump. Thump.
Under the surface I skim,
How much longer can I swim?
Without him I fall,
I can’t afford to stall.
Suddenly, she’s gone.
I’m floating up from the farthest dregs,
Others beseeching for him, too, pull at my legs,
Drowning me in my desolation.
He looks to me and smiles, shaking me all the way back to my foundation.
I resurface, seeing the true sunlight on the sand.
He pulls me up, takes me by the hand.
But then I wake.
I can feel my heart break,
And slip back into its icy covering.
This time, when he looks, I need no rediscovering.
I won’t go back.
I’ll just slip in a world of black.
My heart pumps to its last,
And for him I hang up my white mast.
Thump. Thump.
My heart pumps to its last.

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