December 8, 2008
By hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
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If I were to take a seat,
and I tell you it would take a week,
to find the words and phrase,
to tell you what you mean to me,
and the way I see your face.
And I dare say it would take that week,
and another day or two,
to write down all those words I'd found,
so I could read them all to to you.
And if someone were to ask me,
to describe this girl I love.
I'd tell him yes sir,
take a seat, but sir,
I hope you've got a week.
I'd ask him if he'd ever seen,
a flying dove, sunset or rise,
that made him think of God on high.
And I'd tell him, sir,
those three things,
were but mimicking,
the beauty of,
my one true love.

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