December 8, 2008
I’m missing you.
Missing- the fun times we shared,
the jokes we told,
the times you cared.

I’m missing you.
Missing- the way you said my name,
the way you made me laugh,
the way you made my day.

I’m missing you.
Missing- a part of me when you left,
when you took off-with no regret,
when you chose her instead of me.

I’m missing…
a whole in my chest where you used to be, so up high on a pedestal.
I’m trying, trying so hard to take you down, but it’s just so hard.
I put so much effort in holding myself together, so I won’t fall apart.

I’m missing you.
I’m missing the place you used to have,
I’m missing the feeling of being whole,
I’m missing the feeling of you never letting go.

I’m missing you.
The way you made me feel with all those butterflies inside.
Jumping and fluttering all around.

So this is my farewell to all those times we shared.

I’m letting go.

I’m free, but I still feel as if I’m missing.
Missing something…you?

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