The Scars of My Best Friend

December 8, 2008
By Gabrielle Atwell, Great Mills, MD

I thought I knew you
Smart and pretty girl
You said you were happy with the world
Then I saw your arms
Those cuts all shapes and sizes
You’re sad as I look into those eyes
The pain in you showed on your arms
You told no one and it hurt so bad to know
I couldn’t do anything just sat there
As you bleed out and died
This new creature took over your body
And I didn’t know who you were
Staring at you in your eyes
I still see that girl with purple hair
But you’re over taken by this pain
That really isn’t there
Please come back
My best friend
Stuck in her own carcass
Her own scar covered shell

The author's comments:
I really love my best friend. But not like this pain and depression can take over. Don't Shrug this off and do not do it for attention. Seriously it is not something to play with. Watch and love your best friends.

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