Everything Wonderful

December 8, 2008
My Sweet,
Have I ever told you
You look ravishing tonight?
Your hair is thick and wavy,
Just the way I like it.
Thinking of the curve of your hips
Is enough to make me smile.
And I must be the luckiest person alive
Because you tell me you'll always be mine.

My Darling,
I need you to know
That no one matters as much as you do.
Your lips - so rouge -
Are the only ones I'll kiss.
And your eyes - so bright -
Are all I'll see tonight.
And I must have done something right
Because you're standing next to me.

My Love,
Certainly you must see
That you're an angel to me.
Your scent underneath your perfume
Is just right to drive me wild.
And your legs are so long
Adding royal grace.
And I feel so inadequate here with you
But you make all my fears go away.
So I will always be devoted to you
And only you.

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