*My Broken Heart*

December 8, 2008
By patty Torres, Sunnyside, WA

I met you in eighth grade
We got together in ninth grade
We fell for each other like no one could
Always together, talking, spending time with one another
All of a sudden you changed didn't care about what you said or did
Saying things that hurt me, didn't want to be seen with me, you left me alone.
They ask me if we are together, i say no because i didn't want to loose you.
I know this wasn't the same guy i loved, i found out you were on drugs.
I begged you not to do it anymore, but you didn't listen
You mistreated me, i took everything you did because i loved you
The drugs took you in, you weren't the same person
The day you told me we were over I felt like you shot me in the heart
My eyes were like waterfalls I could barely talk to you my body felt dead i was in shock
I was frozen in time my life was over, it was exactly what i didn't want to happen
Till this day I love you I miss you there isn't one day I don't think about you
Wishing we could be together again but its just a dream i have
I suggest you get to know the person you think you really love because love can hurt
you would never want to feel this feeling of a Broken Heart

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