December 8, 2008
By George Noyola, Sunnyside, WA

Once you begin there's no going back
Keep moving forward and never look back
At first it seems easy, but then it gets rough
Keep my mind set and keep heading up
Painful memories fill my head
Tears blurring my vision getting dizzy in the head
I faulter for a second, unsure what to do
I scream to the heavens and say god what do i do?
I've gotten this far, I'm sure you can see
I'm holding all this pain in, its about to burst free
i fall to my knees, tears rolling down my face
Wishing someone else would take my place
Something inside of me is trying to tell me
To never give up or I'll never break free
I get off my knees and wipe the tears
I gotta keep moving and face my fears
I've got a long way to go before I reach the top
I'll keep walking up this hill pushing myself non stop
I don't know what awaits me up there
But I'll fight till the end just to have my share

The author's comments:
I wrote this awhile back
Never give up thats all i can say
Hope you like it as much as i did

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