Dog Days

December 8, 2008
By Juan Barajas, Sunnyisde, WA

I walk out the door.
Not knowing what awaited me.
The night is cold and dark.
I look up at the shining stars.
A creepy feeling sends a tingle down my spine.
I approach the street.
I spot a shadow on the ground.
Could it be?
My thoughts begin to race.
Like nascar in my mind.
I walk towards it.
There is a feeling like my stomach is heavy.
I look down.
My dog lies before me.
My thoughts cease and I begin to focus.
Dead... Dead
The world around me fades.
The noise of the night is muffled
by the yelling in my mind.
The cold that bit my skin earlier is gone.
I feel... nothing.
I walk away.
Not knowing what my legs are doing.
Back in the door.
That led me here.
To the horrible sight.
I hope
I am not led to any more.

The author's comments:
I gave the best description of what I saw, felt, and thought the moment I walked through my door. This is from my memory now i can let it go.

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