World War 2

December 8, 2008
By uriel osuna, Sunnyside, WA

World War Two, such a historic time,
but the events were no better than a crime.
The world was divided into two big groups,
each side had military warfare and troops.
It all started with dictator lies,
thus was created the Axis and Allies.
The Axis fought for power and land,
but the Allies stood up and made their stand.
Then the race began for nuclear bombs,
which wiped out japanese kids and their moms.
The bombing of Hiroshima was quite so loud,
nothing was left, except for a mushroom cloud.
Hitler was left with no place to hide,
so he took the route of committing suicide.
Nothing good comes from war; for this is true,
this is the tragic story of World War Two.

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