The Beginning of Her Forever

December 8, 2008
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As teh sun sets over the horizon
And teh predators start their nightly prowls
And still she lays on the ground
Sobbing, crying into the dirt next to the tombstone which she does not recognise
The name she has known her whole life
But the words below it she does not understand
"Beloved daughter," it says
"Beauty unseen to the naked eye."
she repeats the words in her head until she is screaming
Yelling out the lies which she has always known
If only someone would have noticed
Or even cared enough to write the truth
Perhaps she would not be in this state
State of mind or physically
Perhaps she would not be doomed to walk the earth forever
With the agonizing pain of a broken heart
Wishing she could commit suicide
Too bad she's already dead.

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