December 8, 2008
Anger still rages through me because of you
You scorched my wounds and left your name in the scars
And as i bleed to death in front of you,
You wither away in your envy of life
I remember that fateful day,
You destroyed everyone around you
Except for me and i put ,y trust in you
The only thing that you didn't have to break
then when my back was turned,
You stabbed me right through my heart
And till this day my mind hurts to know that you're always going to be there
Mocking me with those fired eyes
But I know you will collapse under you redundant reign
You will be struck with a sudden realization
And I won't be there to help you back up
So pick you self up
And I'll spit in your face as you try
Because you're all alone now

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