The Disease

December 8, 2008
By Anonymous

A slow killer,
An internal poison,

Who or what is the vector? the cause?
Who are we to blame?

Surely this is someone's fault,
Not our own.
Who is to take responsibility for our careless actions?
Who and what are we hurting in this inevitable process?

Plants who accept their fate silently,
Have no voice to protest with.
No voice to object and express their anger.

The pollution of man contaminates the core of our very existence.
What we depend on the most, yet show no gratitude for.

Like a disease we are slowly killing not only our earth, our planet. We are inescapably leading ourselves to no life at all.

But do we stop?

The signs are there, the commercials show what needs to be done.
And yet here we sit,
Eyes glued.
waiting for these 30 seconds to be over.

And yes, the idea might flicker in our brains like an almost burt out lightbulb.

But as soon as that commercial ends.
So begins our procrastination.

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