The Alternate View on Clouds...

December 8, 2008
By Debbie Wiersema, Winnipeg, ZZ

A statement that I always here
That makes no sense to me,
Is, “I am on a cloud today!”
But… Why’d you want to be?
You say that up upon a cloud
Would mean you’re happy there
As if you’re floating up above
On fluffy wisps of air.
But honestly, just think it through
Don’t clouds cause naught but pain?
They’re full of condensation
And they empty out in rain
The rain is bound to ruin your clothes
And make your hair all wet
It causes floods and damage too
And worms -- them don’t forget!
The worms come up from underground
You squish them with your feet
And then dead worms are everywhere
Their death litters the street
So as you see, I speak the truth
You value your next breath
Why would you go upon a cloud?
For what are clouds but death?

The author's comments:
Sometimes things don't work out how you want them to... and in those cases, sometimes the best thing to do is to find another view to it, and tell yourself you are in the better situation now.

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