Her Crush That Crushed

December 8, 2008
By Ilene Vazquez, Berwyn, IL

Number 11 was her crush
They began to like each other way to quick
She’s young and naive and everything she believes
So pretty and full of life
He see’s that so he wants her light
So into him, she loves his smile
Not so into her, he just wants friends
Not understanding the ways of a young jock
Her heart gets crushed when she hears the noise
His noise of girls and loud drama
Unable to take it she cries and lets it take her
Not knowing that she cries, he’s okay and just walks on by
Her friends tell her what they saw, and once again her tears fall
Trying to be strong she tells him this is it
He really doesn’t care he just dunks the rim
Hearing it again, some girls were on your crush
In anger, she punches the dust
They know something she doesn’t know
Her crush made love to the one she hates
Don’t tell her because she will cry again
She’ll be crushed by her crush

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