for j: our beginning

December 8, 2008
we were technicolor nikes
and satin ballet flats and platofrm heels
we wore baggy t-shirts and tight jeans
and relied on eachother to hold our secrets
because everyone has secrets

i was the only one who was comfortable
in her skin
though if you knew, you'd think i'd be less
i wore skinny jeans and short dresses
while you hid in your clothes
because i was skinny and small and a

you, of course, held the biggest secret
of the three of us
and it wasn't your fault
and you think i don't remember
(don't you?)
you told me, and i'm not ready
even though you are
i am too selfish
and i don't want to feel the pain
with you

our third part
we never got along, remember?
with anyone but eachother
until we found her
with the poser punk bestfriend
and the cute tops
her secrets, still
(does she have any?)
are a mystery to us

but we are we
the three musketeers
an exclusive clique in it's own right
we don't have real betrayal
like the fake friendships of other cliques
we're just us
together and apart, best friends

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