To Dance is to Be Alive

December 8, 2008
By Kimberly Ballard, New City, NY

To dance is to be alive.
When you dance you feel free.
Nothing and no one stands in the way.
Dance for yourself, dance for your soul.
You choose the moves, you choose the style.
When you dance, your sweat and tears mix.
You can’t tell whether you are crying or tired.
But you still keep dancing.

To dance is to be alive.
You are unstoppable and mostly untouchable.
Dance like there is no tomorrow.
Dance with the attitude deep down inside you.
The pain and suffering is no longer there.
Each swaying of the arms and the extension of the leg,
Takes away each bit of pain you have left in you.
The pain is released and the movements seem easier.

To dance is to be alive.
No matter who leaves you, dance cannot.
Dance helps deal with the loss you live.
It helps replace the hurt with memory.
Remember the good not the bad.
Only dance the way you feel,
And don’t let people tell you, you can’t.
Live, Love, Dance forever.

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