December 8, 2008
By Anonymous

When you get a car, you're going to want to put a lot of things in it. Stuff like engines, body kit, rims, turbo intake, and all sorts of things. But, for me I just want a fast and a cool looking car.

I want a fast car because when somebody ask me if they want to race, they will think that they will win because my car would be stock outside an performance and max power inside the engine.

If you want a car just for looks, which most people do, then you would need a sound system. It has to be very, loud, loud, system, you want people to say " he/she has a good system in that car." And you want a sound system in your car first get a good alarm in your car so nobody steals your stuff.

Want a car with a body kit that would make your car stand out more, that would be AWSOME!! Some people would like to upgrade their car, which is GT, GTR, SS performance body kit. If I want a new car with a upgrade in it, I would get any car with a Super Sport Kit on it.

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