Perfect Bodies

December 8, 2008
By Alexis Leline, Houghton Lake, MI

Why is there so much pressure,
from our society these days,
to have a perfect body?
Its like the latest craze.

Turning through the channels
you will find so many shows,
that deal with this flawless image.
where did our self-respect go?

Go look in a magazine,
tell me what you see.
young girls and their thin bodies
altered by plastic surgery.

keep flipping through the pages,
what else do you find there?
handsome young men
with perfect bodies, faces, and hair.

just take a step back and
look at this generation.
how could we have fallen so deeply
into this state of desperation?

desperate to attain the impossible,
human perfection.
we all must realize that
we are headed in the wrong direction.

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